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Mobile Vehicle History Report

Mobile became increasingly more important at CARPROOF as car buyers at auctions and dealerships expected to be able to do more on their phones. In a fast paced auction there was little time to pinch and zoom to see critical car history information. 

Role of Product

Extensive user research took us out into the field to car dealerships and car auctions. Without an effective app users would have to enter the VIN into a web page and get the car history report then print it out on paper. We knew we could do better.

We knew it needed to be fast and responsive and that it needed to surface the most important information with intuitive clarity. Most importantly, we knew it would have to solve a problem for users in a new way. Using the Jobs to be Done (JTBD) framework we mapped out the motivations and outcomes desired.

To get adoption for the new app we would enhance the built in VIN scanner and remove the painstaking step of having to manually enter in the 17 VIN characters. And we we also make it easy to pair with the new valuation tools.

Behind the Scenes & Final Product

We had a legacy native app and our standard web app. We made the decision to make a hybrid web/native app. This would allow us to integrate the VIN scanner and distribution through the app stores but also make it easier to re-use the web-app infrastructure. 


Extensive user research took us out into the field to car dealerships and car auctions but getting out of the office lead us to the biggest revelations. 

Customers that are resistant to change will make the effort to change if the new is much better and fits into their existing workflow.

Want to learn more about this project?

I’m always up for talking about building products and learning new ways to build them better. If you want to connect and get into the details for this product or another one then let’s connect.