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aioTV Integrated Grid Guide

Combining over the air traditional TV with YouTube and other web content to create a unified television viewing experience. We’ve been channel surfing for decades but we knew that the TV experience would change more in the next 5 years than it had in the last 50.

Behind the Scenes & Final Product

Creating an engaging interface that combines old TV with online content but only having a traditional remote control with up, down, left, right and enter as the only input offered a tonne of challenges. 

But we knew that if we could marry the two together in a seamless way we could make improve the viewers experience. 

Content providers have lots and lots of web content that is rarely accessed. By surfacing relevant clips and past shows in the context with what the viewer wanted to watch brought in a whole other dimension.

Want to learn more about this project?

I’m always up for talking about building products and learning new ways to build them better. If you want to connect and get into the details for this product or another one then let’s connect. 

Behind the Scenes & Final Product