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Hello. I'm Mark Robinson

A product management professional with 20 years of hands-on technology experience.  Proven track record of turning product visions into an executable strategy and successfully launched products.  I excel at managing the end-to-end process involved in bringing complex projects to completion, as well as acting as the glue between technical and non-technical teams.

Previous Experience

FBC / Kashoo

Responsible for the small business vertical. FBC provides tax preparation for small business owners and farmers. Kashoo provides online accounting software. 


Responsible for the core Vehicle History Report product and history vertical. CARPROOF (Canada) and CARFAX (U.S.) provides vehicle history and valuation products for the automotive industry.


Oversaw product, engineering, design, and QA teams in a fast-paced, demanding startup environment.  The aioTV SaaS platform enables service providers and media companies to curate traditional and web video content into an all-in-one TV like experience.


Responsible for the institutional business and foreign exchange / CFD asset program. A Canadian fintech pioneer Silicon Alley Insider ranked OANDA as the 10th most valuable startup, OANDA uses innovative computer and financial technology to provide Internet-based foreign exchange trading and currency information services. 


Managed the flagship product, Enterprise NetOMNI Suite. NIKSUN provides companies and government agencies with intelligent cyber security and  network performance solutions. 


Responsible for managing the health, performance and security of the global internal network for Nortel.  Nortel was a multinational telecommunications and data networking equipment manufacturer.  At its height, it accounted for more than a third of the total valuation of all the companies listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

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Here are some products that I’ve had the pleasure to work on.

Flare TV App

Flare TV was an app designed to bring TV and web content to young children in a safe environment with parental monitoring and controls.  

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Vehicle Valuation Report

The Vehicle Valuation Report was designed to give car dealers and car auctions a better way to understand the true value of a vehicle down to the trim level.

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Open API - Developer Platform

By creating an open API we enabled anyone to built on top of the OANDA trading platform so they could create their own applications and tools. 

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Vehicle History Report

The mobile app for the history report was completely overhauled making it a true mobile experience. As well, by giving car appraisers useful tools (like VIN scanners) the new mobile VHR app got used daily.

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Unified TV Grid Guide

Combining over the air traditional TV with YouTube and other web content to create a unified television viewing experience. Don’t feel like watching the upcoming episode? Jump into past episodes or watch a featurette.   

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